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Application / Requirements

International Students

No, you are still considered a transfer student for the purposes of admission, and should follow the transfer student requirements on theInternational Student website.We need an official transcript, which means you cannot send us a scanned copy by email. The accepted methods for sending an official international transcript are:
  • From an official at your school through an official school email account, or by postal mail or an online document sending service.
  • From you by postal mail, making sure they have an original school stamp or are certified true copies of the original document.
A course evaluation is required for transfer students who studied outside of the US or Canada. This is required for the admissions committee to see your grades in the US equivalent, so your admissibility and scholarship eligibility can be appropriately assessed. Until the evaluation is received, your application file will remain incomplete.Additionally, the evaluation will be used in the transfer credit process to see the US credit and level equivalents of each course taken, to properly transfer the courses in.No, unless the school was in the US. If so, a final waiver decision will be made when the transcript from your US school is received.When your application has been submitted, you can log in to your MyMichiganTech account to track your application status. We will email a username and password to you.The application review process typically takes 2 weeks from the date of file completion, and you will be emailed when a decision is made. Official letters will follow in the postal mail.Financial documents are required post-acceptance to process the forms required for student and exchange visitor visa applications. If you submit them prior to acceptance, they are not used to make an admissions decision.

Transfer Students

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