Undergraduate Admissions

Students Majoring in Visual and Performing Arts

Applicants to Visual and Performing Arts Department degree programs may be required to submit additional application materials. These responses will allow the faculty members reviewing your file to understand your goals and assess your creativity and self-motivation—attributes that, combined with your academics, help determine your future success in our programs.

  • All applicants to theatre and electronic media performance or theatre and entertainment technology are required to submit responses to essay questions.
  • Applicants to audio production and technology or sound design may* be required to submit responses to essay questions and submit project examples as part of the application process.

*First-year applicants to audio production or sound design with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.25 or higher and ACT composite of 25 or higher or SAT composite of 1250 or higher are not required to submit essay responses or project examples. Transfer applicants to these majors with a cumulative college GPA of 3.25 or higher are also exempt from the requirement.

The admissions staff will reach out to you if there are materials you need to submit to strengthen your application.

Essay Responses

Required for applicants to theatre & electronic media performance or theatre & entertainment technology; may* be required for applicants to audio production and technology or sound design

If you apply to one of our visual and performing arts programs, you will be asked to answer these questions during the application process. Please provide a written response to each of the following questions (about 300 words, or one page each).

  1. Discuss an experience that sparked your interest in this field.
  2. What do you hope to do after college?

Examples of Projects

May* be required for applicants to audio production and technology or sound design

Share examples of experiences that have led to your interest in the program and which demonstrate your interests and abilities. Include audio recordings, mixes, or productions you've made, musical compositions you've written, sketches, photographs you've taken and/or edited, pictures or collages created on the computer, class projects, photos of shows you've been involved in, recordings of you playing an instrument, or any other works you believe are appropriate.

Submit examples of creative work by creating a free account on SlideRoom. You can share up to five videos, sound files, images, documents, or other media. Instructions are provided and student support is available from SlideRoom if you need help.