ExSEL Program

No matter your interests or what you are studying, the Excelling the Student Experience of Learning (ExSEL) Program can be a great resource in helping you achieve your academic goals. ExSEL offers academic support through services including:

ExSEL is a comprehensive partnership between the Waino Wahtera Center for Student Success and all of Michigan Tech’s schools and colleges. The program is aimed at increasing student success and retention.

For more information, contact exsel@mtu.edu.

Join ExSEL

Select new students receive invitations to join ExSEL for their first fall semester, but the program is open to all undergraduate students at Michigan Tech both Fall and Spring. Please note, the program does have limited space.

Please contact exsel@mtu.edu with any questions that you may have about the ExSEL Program.

Enrollment for Fall 2021 is now closed