Collection Register

Funding for the arrangement and description of these collections was provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC). The Michigan Technological University Archives and Copper Country Historical Collections received a federal grant in 2009 to support a two-year project to improve the description of its historical collections and share more of this information across the web. The grant, Award No:  RB-50059-09 “Coming to the Surface: Revealing Hidden Collections in Michigan’s Copper Country,” was awarded by the National Historical Records and Publications Commission (NHPRC), a statutory body affiliated with the National Archives and Records Administration. The following represents the records now discoverable through OCLC's WorldCat and Michigan Tech's catalog. While the grant ended on October 31, 2011, the Collection Register will continue to be updated as new collections become available.

Archives Vertical Files

The Michigan Tech Archives maintains an extensive series of vertical files, materials that are assembled on the basis of topic by archives staff. Contents of vertical files include photographs, newspaper clippings, flyers, programs, and other materials not often found in archival manuscript collections. 

The vertical files are divided into five categories:

  • Biographical (materials about individuals or family names)
  • Copper Country Vertical Files (CCVF, text-based materials about local history)
  • Michigan Tech Vertical Files (MTUVF, text-based materials about campus history)
  • Copper Country Photograph Files (CCPF, images of local history)
  • Michigan Tech Photograph Files (MTUPF, images of campus history). 

The index of vertical files is subject to periodic updates, but the link provided should always point to the most recent version. Please note that this is only an index. The contents of the vertical files themselves have, with the exception of the Copper Country Photo Files, largely not been digitized.

A column to the left of each vertical file title indicates the category to which it belongs. Users may conduct a keyword search of the document by holding down the Control and F keys simultaneously (or Command and F on a Macintosh operating system) to open a search box.

Access to Michigan Tech Archives Vertical File Index


Finding Aids to Archives' Manuscript Collection

MS-001 — The Quincy Mining Company Collection

MS-002 — The Calumet and Hecla Mining Companies Collection

MS-006 — June Ross Cornish American Collection

MS-007 — The June Ross Marriage Indexes for Cornwall

MS-008 — The June and Richard Ross Collection

MS-009 — The Fortnightly Club Collection

MS-010 — The Brockway Diary Collection

MS-011 —  Kendall Family Photographs

MS-013 — Ross Collection of Christening Records of Cornwall, England  

MS-016 — Daniel Brockway Family Collection

MS-017 —  The Blue Skirt Waltz Sheet Music

MS-019 — The Brockway Photograph Collection

MS-020 — Roy Drier Collection

MS-022 — Wendel Johnson Papers

MS-023 — Arizona and Michigan Mining Company Ledgers

MS-024 — League of Women's Voters of the Copper Country Records

MS-026 — Temple Jacob Collection

MS-027 — Copper Country Cemetery Collection

MS-028 — The J. Robert Van Pelt Copper Range Company Research Collection

MS-029 — The Bill Brinkman Collection

MS-030 —  Portage Lake Area Association for Family and Community Education Records

MS-031 — The Longyear Spitsbergen Collection

MS-032 — Kukkonen Studio Photographic Collection

MS-033 — Quincy Mine Hoist Association Collection

MS-034 — Peter Crebassa Collection

MS-035 — Copper Country Masonic Lodge Collection

MS-037 — U.S. Navy Seafarer Program/ Project ELF Collection

MS-038 — Herman Gundlach Photograph Collection

MS-040 — Miscowaubik Club Records

MS-041 — Herman Gundlach Architectural Drawings Collection

MS-042 — John T. Reeder Photograph Collection

MS-043 — Keweenaw Historical Society Collection

MS-044 — Earl Gagnon Photograph Collection

MS-045 — Calumet and Hecla Mining Companies Geological Map Collection

MS-048 — Mining Company Abstracts

MS-050 — Harold Putnam Collection

MS-051 — Daily Mining Gazette Photograph Collection

MS-052 — Hodge Foundry

MS-053 — Portage Entry Quarries Company Collection

MS-054 — Portage Lake United Church

MS-056 — Hancock Home Study Club Records

MS-058 — Clarence Monette Collection

MS-059 —  Institute on Lake Superior Geology Collection

MS-060 —  NAMI Keweenaw Area Records

MS-061 — Paul LaVanway Papers

MS-062 —  Atlas Powder in Senter, Michigan Research Papers

MS-065 — Richard M. Hoar Correspondence

MS-071 — Janet Dalquist Pipe Organ Collection

MS-072 — Coon Family Glass Plate Negatives

MS-075 — Lloyal Bacon Papers

MS-079 — WHDF Radio Station Records

MS-080 — Copper Range Company Records

MS-082 — Reverend Herman Page Collection

MS-088 —  "What Is It Like to Live in a Lighthouse?" Manuscript

MS-090 — Houghton County Board of Commissioners Records

MS-095 — Lake Superior Radio Club Records

MS-121 — August Parta Grocery Daybook

MS-134 — Verna Grahek Mize:Save Lake Superior Campaign Collection

MS-137 — Russell Magnaghi Collection

MS-143 — Superior Foods Cooperative Inc. Records

MS-166 — Seaman Family Collection

MS-183 — Samuel Alexander Parnall Autobiography

MS-202 — Lucius L. Hubbard Correspondence

MS-220 — Ben R. Chynoweth Collection

MS-229 - Keweenaw County Clerk's Office Records

MS-236 — General Store Account Books

MS-239 — Frederick Fraley Sharpless Photograph Collection

MS-266 — Italian American Federation of the Upper Peninsula Records

MS-267 — Italian Mutual Beneficial Society Records

MS-268 — Club Alpino Pont e Locana Records

MS-269 — Lake Linden Congregational Church Records

MS-273 —  Copper Country Heritage Council Records

MS-283 — Mary Harrington Diaries

MS-292 — Eagle Harbor School District Records

MS-314 — Calumet Ingot Club Records

MS-315 —  Arnold Mining Company Records

MS-332 — Bosch Brewing Company Radio Commercials

MS-337 — Albert Paine Memorial United Methodist Church Records

MS-345 — Calumet Brewing Company Records

MS-349 — August and Joseph Mayworm Papers

MS-358 — Charles M. Harry Photograph Albums

MS-363  — American Red Cross - Superior Upper Peninsula Chapter                                    Collection

MS-370 — Jay A. Hubbell Scrapbooks

MS-400 —  Quincy Mining Company Photograph Collection

MS-418 — Copper Country Dairy Records

MS-420 — Ruth G. Butler Papers

MS-429 — Mass Co-operative Company Records

MS-435 — Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company Forest Survey Records

MS-443 — H. Kenneth Hamar Collection

MS-444 — Dr. Clarence Bennetts Collection

MS-445 — Coppertown USA Mining Museum Records

MS-448 — Upper Peninsula Firefighters Memorial Museum Records

MS-455 — Kenneth L. Dorman Collection

MS-462 — Harley Sachs Papers

MS-466 —  Houghton County Sanatorium Photograph Collection

MS-475 — Friends of the Land of Keweenaw Newspaper Clippings

MS-497 — Martin L. Britz Collection

MS-525 — Roland Burgan Collection

MS-531 — Trinity Episcopal Church Records

MS-580 — Paul Hinzmann Photograph Collection

MS-584 — William S. Thomas Papers

MS-585 — Swande Godell Collection

MS-587 — Daily Mining Gazette Records Collection

MS-596 — Keweenaw Cooperative Inc. Collection

MS-601— Wilbert Salmi Collection

MS-609 — Calumet Women's Club Collection

MS-613 —  Joseph Singer Wildberg Stock Collection

MS-614 — Ontonagon County Historical Society Newsletters

MS-624 — Steamship Ivanhoe Freight Books  

MS-634 — Henry Trathen Personal Store Account Books

MS-638 —  Calumet and Hecla Mining Company Stereographs

MS-661 — Grant Township Records

MS-666 — Stock Certificate Collection

MS-670 — Mason Family Collection

MS-671 — Stephen Pierce Personal Store Account Books

MS-673 — Charles K. Hyde Collection

MS-679 — Kerredge Hardware Records

MS-683 — Perkins Burnham Correspondence

MS-693 — St. Joseph's Community Hospital Records and Research Collection

MS-696 — Fight For Justice Tribal Takeover Collection

MS-700 — Ocha Potter Autobiography

MS-701 — Keweenaw County Elections and School Records

MS-704 — Calumet Matinee Musicale Club Yearbooks

MS-714 —  Algomah Mining Company Records

MS-715 — Keweenaw Printing Company Samples

MS-717 — Scott Print Shop Samples

MS-722 — Bosch Brewing Company Delivery Logs

MS-724 — Flora Baumgartner Diary

MS-741 — Jacobsville Community Club Records

MS-751 — Copper Country Store Ledgers

MS-754 —  Kathryn Bishop Eckert Sandstone Architecture Research Papers

MS-768 — Houghton County Election Records

MS-780 — Nissila Livery and Greenhouse Collection

MS-785 — Lawton Family Collection

MS-787 — Central School Records

MS-789 — The Stenson Collection of Walter S. Prickett Papers

MS-792 — Northland Historical Consortium Records

MS-796 — Adams Township Schools Daily Attendence Registers

MS-797 — J. W. Nara Photograph Collection

MS-799 — Oliver A. Farwell Papers

MS-808 — Franklin School Records

MS-812 — Huss Ontonagon Mill Division Records

MS-818 —  Historic Houghton Walking Tour Research Material

MS-837 —  Copper Country Reading Council Records

MS-841 — T. Kilgore Splake Collection

MS-851 — Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region                            Survey Photograph Collection

MS-854 — Hanchette and Lawton Case Files on the Copper Miners' Strike

MS-857 — Donald L. Nelson Maritime Collection

MS-866 — Grace United Methodist Church Records

MS-869 — Victoria Copper Mining Company Records

MS-872 — Register of Deaths, State of Michigan, Township of Schoolcraft

MS-883 — Edwin Hulbert Papers

MS-884 — F. Peter Ambrosiani Photograph Collection

MS-886 — Ivy Rebekah Lodge #163 Minutes

MS-891 — Hennes Family Collection

MS-892 — Pine Mountain Music Festival Records

MS-893 — Druggist's Prescription Notebook

MS-894 — Delaware Copper Mining Company Contract Book

MS-895 — The Diapason

MS-905 — Huron Dam Disaster Collection

MS-909 — David S. Coon Newspaper Clippings and Correspondence

MS-910 — Ollila Household Account Ledgers

MS-911 — Mihelcic and Reagan Family Papers

MS-912 — Copper Country Survey Records

MS-913 — Combo Family Genealogy

MS-916 — Baril Family Genealogy

MS-917 — United States Coast Guard Cutter Mesquite Investigation Report and Photograph

MS-918 — Harvey William Raymond Papers

MS-919 —  Minnesota Land Company Records

MS-920 — Brodeur and Banks Family Papers

MS-921 — Bosch Brewing Company Photographs

MS-922 — Houghton/Keweenaw County Vietnam Moving Wall Memorial Ceremonies Program

MS-923 — Frances Mary Potter Photograph Album Collection

MS-924 — Dr. Robert and Ruth Nara Collection

MS-925 — Quincy Mine Hoist No 2 Photograph Collection

MS-926 — Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hecla Lodge 90 Financial Ledger Scrapbook

MS-927 — Helia Jarvia Songbook Diary

MS-928 — Rockland and Victoria Digital Photographs

MS-929 — Copper Bowl Football Collection

MS-930 — Houghton Motor Transit Collection

MS-931 — Doris Bable Cornish Genealogy Collection

MS-932 — Andy Abbott Postcard Collection

MS-933 — John Blom Collection

MS-934 — The First Presbyterian Church of Houghton, Michigan, Its People and Activities Scrapbook

MS-935 — Coughlin and Gray Family Papers

MS-936 — Thomas Howe Papers

MS-937 — "Hidden Gems and Towering Tales: A Hancock, Michigan Anthology" Collection

MS-939 — Prince Fuse Factory Article

MS-940 — Virtual Upper Peninsula Web Project Records

MS-941 — Minor Houses/Miner Houses: Keweenaw Heritage Center Exhibit Report

MS-943 — Nash and Siira Families Papers Finding Aid

MS-945 — Peter Richard Steinen Diary

MS-946 — Girl Scouts of the United States of America, Copper Country Council, Troop III, Mohawk (Mich.)

MS-947 — Osceola Township Canceled Voter Registration Forms

MS-948 —  Cannon and Cole Families Collection

MS-949 — A.B. Quello Photograph Collection

MS-950 — Scott Hotel Collection

MS-951 — Historic Transportation Timetables Collection

MS-952 — Mary Ralph Erkkila and Annie Sullivan Ralph Family Papers

MS-953 — Robert E. Sherman Papers

MS-954 — Leonard Rajaniemi Memoirs

MS-955 — Fred Ahod Letter

MS-956 — Torch Lake Oral History Project

MS-957 — Houghton and Portage Township Recreation Report

MS-958 — Pastora, Pastore, Boggio, and Ricca Family History

MS-959 — Copper Country Photograph Collection

MS-960 Copper Country Historical Resource Partnership Records

MS-961 — Copper Country Streetcars Student Research Collection

MS-962 — Eskola Postcard Collection

MS-963 — Brenda Papke Photograph Collection

MS-965 — David Doss Collection on Sparrow-Kroll

MS-966 — Ovist Family Portage Lake Lift Bridge Photograph Collection

MS-967 Copper Country Aerial Photographs

MS-969 — Copper Country Hockey History

MS-970 — William Zimmerman Photograph Collection

MS-971 Keweenaw Land Trust Records

MS-972 — Commercial Statistics and Marine Commerce through Portage Lake Ship Canals, Lake Superior, Michigan Collection

MS-973 — Annual Reports of the Shelden Estate Company Collection

MS-975 — Writing Across the Curriculum Collection

MS-976 — Newport Mine Photograph

MS-977 — Copper Country Associated Artists Collection

MS-978 Calumet Public Hospital Negative Collection

MS-979 — Sarah Sargent Paine Memorial Library Report

MS-980 — Smith and Petermann Family Collection

MS-981 — Ladies Industrial Society of Hancock Congregational Church Records

MS-982 — Grant application and capital request for the Houghton County Historical Museum

MS-983 — Thomas Stimpson Letters

MS-985 —  Claiming Iggy DVD and Memorabilia

MS-986 — Close House Collection

MS-987 — Josephine Solf Scrapbook

MS-988 — Joseph A. Savini Hockey Collection

MS-989 — White Pine Slide Collection

MS-990 — Mitch Lake WMPL Transcripts and Other Material

MS-991 — Jacobsville School Teachers' Attendance and Scholarship Records and Reports

MS-992 — L. A. Jacobson Laird School Class Record Books

MS-995 — Bartonen Estate Photograph Collection

MS-996 — Robert Schwaderer Construction Slide Collection

MS-997 — Andrew H. Koski Mining Employee Payroll Envelopes and Pay Stubs

MS-998 — Copper Country Slide Collection

MS-999 — Governor William G. Milliken Upper Peninsula Tour Collection

MS-1000 — Sedlar Family World War II Scrapbook

MS-1001 — Keweenaw TOPS Club Photograph and Scrapbook Albums

MS-1002 — Copper Range Smelting Operations Data Book and Transcription

MS-1003 — Johnson and O'Brien Families Papers

MS-1004 — Croteau Family Railroad Photographs

MS-1005 — Daniel LeVeque Collection of Gundlach Champion, Inc. Material

MS-1006 — Libbie Hermann Family Photograph Albums

MS-1007 — Meinardi Family Papers

MS-1008 — Onigaming Yacht Club Records

MS-1009 — William J. Sproule Papers

MS-1010 — Margaret Ziemnick 4-H Papers

MS-1011 — Stanton Township Assessment Roll

MS-1012 — Copper Country Charities, Inc. Records

MS-1013 — The Red Stone Industry of the Upper Peninsula

MS-1014 —  The Rise and Fall of the Bosch Brewery, 1874-1873

MS-1015 —  Michigan Department of Public Health Houghton Branch Scrapbook

MS-1016 —  Edyvean, Alexander, and Hadwick Families Papers

MS-1017 — Snowdon Family Photographs

MS-1018 — Copper Harbor Store Ledgers

MS-1019 —  Women's Fraternal Societies Records

MS-1020 —  Copper Country Veterans Research Papers

MS-1021 —  Arcadian Mine Collection

MS-1022 —  Jacobsville History Project Collection

MS-1023 —  Ford Sawmill Restoration Collection

MS-1024 —  Camp Blueberry Knoll Collection

MS-1027 —  Work Projects Administration Records

MS-1028 —  Wayrynen Family Photograph Collection

MS-1029 —  Erkkila Family Photograph Collection

MS-1030 — Rotary Club of Hancock Records

MS-1031 — Records of Houghton County Soldiers and Sailors in Service in                          the Great War

MS-1032 — National Bank of Houghton Pay Stubs

MS-1033 —  Keith Baldwin Photograph Collection

MS-1034 —  Copper Range Railroad Company Distribution of Payroll                                   Records

MS-1035 —  Hancock Fire Photograph Collection

MS-1036 —  John Erm Collection on Camp Sidnaw

MS-1037 —  Dan Behnke Photograph Collection

MS-1038 — Collection of Quincy Mining Company Billing Invoices and                                Receipts

MS-1039 — Houghton County Prisoner Records

MS-1040 —  Records of the International Frisbee and USA Guts Hall of Fame

MS-1041 —  Leo Baillargeon Diplomas and Rev. Napoleon J. Raymond Photograph

MTU-001 — Michigan Technological University Senate Records

MTU-003 —  William Hockings Research Papers

MTU-008 — North Central Association (NCA) 1998 Accreditation

MTU-009 — Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Collection

MTU-010 — Lode Binding Collection

MTU-012  — Michigan Technological University Mining Engineering Photograph Collection

MTU-013 — John MacInnes Papers

MTU-014 —  Ernest Townsend Collection

MTU-015 —  Trailertown Collection

MTU-016 —  Copper Fittings Research Project Patent Records

MTU-017 —  Michigan Technological University Marketing and Communications Records

MTU-019 — Michigan Technological University J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library Collection

MTU-021 — Grover C. Dillman Papers

MTU-022 — Ecological Studies of Wolves on Isle Royale

MTU-027 — Michigan Technological University Commencement Collection

MTU-028  — Tau Beta Pi Association Records

MTU-030  — Michigan Technological University Institute on Wood Research Collection

MTU-031  —  Conscious Stomach Records

MTU-032 — Michigan Technological University Blue Key Honor Society Records

MTU-033 —  WGGL FM 91.1 Collection

MTU-036 — Michigan Technological University Student Papers

MTU-041 — Michigan Technological University Husky Amateur Radio Club Collection

MTU-044 — Women's Heritage Collection

MTU-046 — Michigan Technological University Department of Nursing Collection

MTU-102 — Michigan Technological University Presidential Commission for                        Women Records

MTU-104 — Michigan Technological University Faculty Publications

MTU-109 — George P. Schubert Papers

MTU-121— Michigan College of Mines Student Records

MTU-137 — Michigan College of Mines Micomi Club Collection

MTU-164— Michigan Technological University Building Records

MTU-166 — Michigan College of Mines Administrative Records

MTU-167 —  Michigan Technological University Winter Carnival Collection

MTU-171 — Michigan Technological University Computer Executive Committee Records

MTU-176 — Michigan Technological University Proposed Degree Documentation

MTU-178 — Robert H. Boehmer Photograph Collection

MTU-180 — Michigan Technological University Veterans Club Records

MTU-196 — Michigan Technological University Archives' Postcard Collection

MTU-202 —  Michigan Technological University Human Relations Week Records

MTU-204 — Michigan Technological University Hockey Photograph Collection

MTU-212 — Larry Lankton Collection

MTU-213 — Michigan Technological University Generations of Discovery Records

MTU-214 — Lindo Bartelli Diplomas and Yearbook

MTU-215 — Kenneth Larm Photograph Collection

MTU-216 — MTU Hockey Collection

MTU-217 — Michigan Technological University Kaleidoscope Records

MTU-218 — Marsha E. Penti Research Collection

MTU-219 — Michigan College of Mining and Technology Winter Carnival Scrapbook

MTU-220 — Michigan Technological University Winter Carnival Photograph Collection

MTU-221 — Michigan Technological University Phi Kappa Phi Records

MTU-222 — Michigan Technological University Student Photography Collection

MTU-223 — Collection on John Scott

MTU-224 — House Appropriations Subcommittee on Higher Education Report

MTU-225 — Department of Mining Engineering Student Collection

MTU-227 — Kristine Antcliff Memoirs

MTU-228 — The Fire at Theta Tau - Beta Chapter, Michigan Tech, Houghton, Michigan, April 5, 1962

MTU-229 — Winter Carnival Sculpture Photograph Collection

MTU-230 — Environmental Policy Course Term Papers

MTU-231 — Redridge Dam Monument Collection

MTU-232 Michigan Technological University Alumni Records 

MTU-233 — Michigan Technological University Cultural Enrichment and Student Entertainment Board Collection

MTU-234 — Dennis Walikainen Photograph Collection

MTU-235 — Michigan College of Mining and Technology Diploma Collection

MTU-236 — Michigan Technological University Bocce Club Collection

MTU-237 — Michigan Technological University Graduate Faculty Council Meeting Minutes

MTU-239 — Dana L. Richter Papers

MTU-240 — Charles Matson Notecard Collection

MTU-241 — Michigan Technological University Computer Punch Cards

MTU-242 — Michigan Technological University Center for Diversity and Inclusion Records

MTU-243 Michigan College of Mining and Technology Sault Ste. Marie Branch Student Enrollment Lists

MTU-244 — Michigan Technological University Presidential Council of Alumnae Induction Ceremony Programs

MTU-245 — Gloria B. Melton Papers

MTU-246 — Michigan Technological University Center for Integrated Learning and Information Technology Construction Photographs

MTU-247 — Elizabeth Barzditis Lewis Collection

MTU-249 — ASCE National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark Award
Nomination Package for the Portage Lake Bridge

MTU-250 —  Wadsworth Hall Construction Photographs

MTU-251 —  Michigan Technological University Collection on 2003                                        Orientation Week Theme

MTU-252 —  Literature of the Upper Peninsula course audio recordings

MTU-253 — Michigan Technological University Copper Country Oral History Collection

MTU-254 — Michigan Technological University Archives' Athletics Publications Collection

MTU-255 — Michigan Technological University Film Board Records

MTU-256 — Sherman Gym / Walker Arts and Humanities Building Renovation Records