Document Delivery

The Document Delivery service supplies library-owned materials to Michigan Tech faculty, staff, and students through electronic and physical item delivery. Scanned items are delivered to the patron's Interlibrary Loan account. Physical items are sent to the patron's campus office through Campus Mail or non-campus location via U.S. mail. Please note physical item delivery to the residence halls is not included in this service.

To request Document Delivery, please log into your Interlibrary Loan or ILL
account with your Michigan Tech username and password.

Electronic Delivery

Articles, papers, book chapters, etc.,may be scanned from the library’s print collections and delivered electronically. Patrons are notified by email or text when their materials are available (typically within 2-3 working days).

Campus Mail Delivery

Physical items including books and media may be delivered through Campus Mail to any campus location. Items are borrowed through the patron's Library Account. Timely return of borrowed items is the patron's responsibility and all Circulation policies apply.

Delivery to campus office locations, including:

  • Advanced Technology Development Complex
  • Alternative Energy Research Building
  • Great Lakes Research Center
  • Keweenaw Research Center
  • Lakeshore Center

U.S. Mail Delivery

Physical items may be delivered through U.S. mail to any non-campus location. Items are borrowed through the patron's Library Account and mailed through the U.S. Postal Service. Delivery is generally within 10 days. Patrons are responsible for all return shipping costs. Timely return of borrowed materials is the patron's responsibility and all Circulation policies apply.

Service Restrictions

  1. The library does not provide Document Delivery service for:
    • Materials available online (e.g., electronic book or electronic journal subscriptions).
    • Productivity tools or laptops.
    • Physical items from our reference collection, special collection, or Archives & Historical Collections.
    • Physical items with a loan period of less than five weeks (e.g. journals, certain maps, and standards).
    • Any items deemed too fragile for scanning or delivery.
  2. In accordance with United States Copyright law and related guidelines, the library may refuse a request that might violate copyright law.