Research Guides

The following guides and reading lists are offered as a starting point for researching special topics in the Michigan Tech Archives.

  • Guide to Researching Genealogical Sources
    This guide lists genealogical resources that can be found in the Michigan Tech Archives. It includes titles and dates of historic newspapers, Polk City Directories, Inspector of Mines reports, and many other resources to help you trace your Copper Country ancestors.

  • Guide to Researching Property History
    This guide lists information sources for researching the history of a house, farm, or piece of property. Many of the resources can be found in the Michigan Tech Archives, but this guide will also show you what other community resources are available.

  • Guide to Researching the Michigan Copper Mining Companies
    This guide provides an overview of published sources and archival material that explore the activities of the many companies that flourished and failed in the pursuit of the Keweenaw's copper deposits.

Reading Lists

Citation Guide