Computers and Technology

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Productivity Tools

The library offers a variety of Productivity Tools for patron use. These tools can be borrowed directly from the Library Service Center on a first-come, first-served basis.

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3D Printing

The library offers 3D printing available for students, faculty, and staff.  Email us at to submit your .stl design and schedule your printing session today! 

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Computers in the Library

The library provides over 250 Windows Workstations, 6 Linux, and 4 Mac Workstations for student use. These computers have two login options. University ISO login will grant access to IT’s Campus Common CORE Software. The general library login is optimized for library research and is available to any library patron.

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Items for Sale

The library provides Items for Sale that may be purchased at the Library Service Desk.

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Premium Services

The Library provides Premium Services to student and community patrons for a small fee.

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Scan, Photocopy, and Print

The Library makes Scanning, Copying, Printing, and Faxing services available to all patrons. The Library Map shows specific locations for these machines.

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Assistive Technology

The library provides assistive technologies. The Chroma CCD Magnifier, located on the 3rd floor, visually magnifies small objects and print. Kurzweil 3000 software is a literacy support and text-to-speech tool that is installed on all library computers