Art Donation Policy

The J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library welcomes inquiries about the donation of artwork (referred to as gift-in-kind) by artists which will enhance the physical environment of the library.  Gifts-in-kind are accepted according to specific guidelines, which are explained within this policy.

Gifts-in-kind to the library will be accepted with the understanding that they become the property of the library. The donor understands that retention, location, digitization or other considerations related to the gift’s use or disposition are at the discretion of the library in accordance with the university’s policies.

Gifts-in-kind to the Van Pelt and Opie library are tax deductible. The library, however, cannot appraise gifts for income tax purposes. Donors should seek out qualified appraisers, their attorneys or tax advisors, and the latest IRS regulations.

Prospective artwork donations will be reviewed by the Library Art Committee, to determine if they will be a good fit in the library physical space. Artworks accepted for the library become the property of Michigan Technological University.

Guidelines for donations

Due to liability and budget constraints the library will not be responsible for transporting or removing artwork from an offsite location. However, exceptions may be made depending on the circumstances and availability of the art committee members.

Due to budgetary restraints we cannot accept works which need repair, conservation treatment, or expensive rehousing, such as works which must be displayed under glass. A pedestal must be supplied with 3D works that require one. 

For inquiries about a potential donation: