Instruction Rooms

Two rooms on the 2nd floor, Library 242 and Library 244, are used for library instruction and workshops. Schedule librarian-led class instruction on information literacy skills such as finding, using, and evaluating library resources, or request customized library instruction workshops for your department or course. A minimum of 14 days notice is required for librarian-led sessions.

The library instruction rooms are not openly reservable computer classrooms. However, when not reserved for library instruction, the computers in room 242 are available for individual computing use by Michigan Tech users and room 244 is available for use as a wireless-enabled study space. Both rooms can be accessed 24/7 using your HuskyCard. If you need a computer classroom, check the list of reservable computer labs and contact the Registrar.

Experimental Education Environment

The Experimental Education Environment (E3), Library 243, is a new space meant to support all Michigan Tech instructors’ experimentation with instructional designs, use of instructional technology or educational media, and room or furniture arrangement. Instructors may reserve E3 for one or more class sessions, up to a full semester. For more information, please contact

Instruction Room Use Policy

Library Instruction Room (242 and 244) Policy

The primary purpose of the library instruction rooms (242 & 244) is to facilitate information literacy instruction to students, faculty, and staff by librarians or archivists. When not in use for library instruction, the rooms are dedicated to student study, computing, and collaboration space.


Information literacy instruction must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance; please visit the Library Instruction page for more information and to register.
Exceptions to Scheduling:

Room usage requests made by other members of the Michigan Tech community (faculty, staff, and students) for academic and administrative purposes is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Due to the increase in library and information literacy instruction and the demand for study and computing space, the instruction rooms will not be scheduled for any purpose other than library and information literacy instruction during the fall and spring academic terms, (with the exceptions of fall break and spring break weeks) and during summer Track A and Track B.
  • During breaks, requests will be accommodated when possible. If any specialized software or plugins are needed, requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance to allow time for installation.
  • Regularly scheduled classes cannot be accommodated in the library instruction rooms for multiple sessions.
  • Individuals that are not Michigan Tech students under the age of 18 using the classrooms must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

IT’s list of openly reservable computer classrooms may be helpful to you as you search for a space.

Non-scheduled usage

When not scheduled for other purposes, the library instruction rooms are available for walk-in study or computing by Michigan Tech users. Entry to the library instruction rooms is through active HuskyCard access.

Food and drink

Food is not permitted in the library instruction rooms. Drinks must be in containers with a lid.

Related Policies: Experimental Education Environment (#243) Michigan Tech instructors may consider use of this room for teaching.