Human Biology

Immerse yourself in life science.

Understand how life is organized and how humans connect to their environment in a science-based major with anatomy, physiology, genetics, nutrition, ecology, evolution, and anthropology at its core. You'll be prepared to build a career in research (with public and private companies), teaching, or health care. Many of our graduates pursue additional graduate training in biological sciences or health professional programs, such as medical school.

Conduct research as an undergraduate—and complement your studies with a senior capstone project. Use molecular tools to grow, modify, and characterize microorganisms. Connect with your peers by joining the Pre-Health Association or the Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society. Add a pre-professional health program to your degree to prepare for professional medical school—our placement rate into medical school is 65 percent (well above the national average).

"Pursuing a degree in human biology with a minor in public health has allowed me to learn about the basic foundations of human biology, society, and the quickly evolving health care system. Outside the classroom, enriching experiences with undergraduate research, Michigan Tech EMS, the Pavlis Honors College, volunteer projects, and other student organizations have nurtured skills and developed frameworks of thinking that can’t be learned inside the lecture hall."Thomas Basala, Human Biology

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