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Michigan Tech's College of Sciences and Arts offers more than 30 undergraduate majors in the arts and technology, health sciences, humanities, natural and physical sciences, and social sciences. If you are interested in one of these areas but have not yet decided on a major, this program is the perfect place to start.

Our general sciences and arts program is designed to give you the time and space you need (up to three semesters) to explore everything the College of Sciences and Arts has to offer before deciding on a major. If you're undecided, this program is a smart choice—you won't delay your time to graduation or lose money pursuing a major that isn't the right fit for you.

Your dedicated academic advisor will help you explore your unique talents, interests, and career goals through one-on-one discussions and the Exploring Majors course. In the semester-long course, current students from a variety of majors will visit your classroom and discuss what they study in their programs to give you ideas and inspiration for your own studies. As you weigh your options, your advisor will also help you select courses that fulfill bachelor's degree requirements and your general education credits, so you don’t lose time to graduation in the process.

"I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I was really stressed about it. Then when I joined general sciences and arts, I realized it’s okay. It’s completely okay not to know what you want to do."Dana Paix, former general sciences and arts student

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Exploring Majors: General Sciences and Arts Program

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