Medical Laboratory Science

In the lab. In demand.

Become a board certified Medical Laboratory Scientist—a health care professional who detects disease and monitors patients’ health through critical chemical, hematological, immunologic, microscopic, and bacteriological analyses on blood, tissues, and bodily fluids. Your work will allow physicians to make important decisions in the treatment and diagnosis of disease.

Our graduates get job security with 100 percent job placement. Fulfill a nationwide critical shortage (that's still on the rise) of medical laboratory science professionals. Conduct undergraduate research like examining pentachlorophenol contamination in an abandoned lumber yard in the Upper Peninsula. Get involved with the Society of Medical Laboratory Scientists or Phi Sigma, the national honor society for biological sciences.

As part of your degree, you’ll complete a clinical practicum where you’ll intern at a nationally accredited hospital laboratory before sitting for a national certification exam. Choose your path—3+1 or 4+1—and spend either three or four years on campus first, completing coursework and honing your skills in the lab.

"I could not have imagined how hands-on the program was going to be. There are so many labs and you definitely see what you'll experience in work. The advisors and faculty in the program have real world experience and definitely bring that experience into the classroom."Becca Riffe, Medical Laboratory Science

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