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Doctor. Physical therapist. Veterinarian. Prepare for the health professional program that interests you. Navigate the application process—faculty and staff are here to help. Meet academic requirements for professional programs, get clinical experience, and give yourself the best chance for a successful application.

Who is Your Advisor? 

Pre-Health Advisor

Nicole Seigneurie

  • Health Professions Coordinator
  • Instructor
Dow 733

Ross Michaels

"Where else could I have led a research project on liver fibrosis; watched autopsies; designed a device for the insertion of a myocardial pacemaker via a minimally invasive procedure; published a paper detailing a 3-D printed device we designed and made accessible to the entire world to help diagnose childhood malnutrition; married my high school sweetheart; pole-vaulted and learned to throw a discus, shot-put, and javelin; coached high school football and track; and saved my best friend’s father’s life on a bike trail in the middle of the woods?"

Ross Michaels, '17,  Biomedical EngineeringPre-Medical, U of M Medical School, Fall 2018 

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Elise Cheney Makens - Health Careers

Tips For Success

  • Maintain a High GPA
  • Be Involved
  • Build Connections
  • Tell Your Story
  • Get Informed