Advanced Power Systems Research Center (APSRC)

Three men in safety glasses work on a power system.


The mission of the Advanced Power Systems Research Center (APSRC) is to promote and facilitate education and research in critical technologies for the development of clean, efficient, and sustainable power and powertrain systems.


Advanced Power System Research Center is a multidisciplinary organization that will foster large, collaborative, research efforts in the areas of clean, efficient, and sustainable Power Systems technologies. This Center will develop both fundamental and applied knowledge that is required for the next generation of low-emission, high-efficiency vehicles. The Center will seek to bring together and coordinate a large number of Michigan Tech researchers already working in:

  • internal combustion engines,
  • spray formation,
  • combustion modeling,
  • combustion and mixture controls,
  • torque converters,
  • alternative fuels (including ethanol, bio-diesel, and hydrogen),
  • hybrid powertrains,
  • fuel cells, and
  • powertrain noise.

The result will be an interdisciplinary power systems research organization that will be responsive to the economic needs of the state and the energy needs of the nation.

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