Parents and Family Orientation includes the University Welcome and other events.

Family Weekend

A Michigan Tech tradition held each fall in October. Time for a trip to campus!

Winter Carnival

One of the largest annual winter festivals in the nation—at Michigan Tech!


Join us for our commencement ceremonies in the fall and spring.



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Your gifts to the Parents Fund greatly enhance the Michigan Tech experience for all students. Thank you for directly benefiting student activities, programs, and organizations.

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Is your student considering Michigan Tech?

The college selection process can be confusing for both parent and student. Know the answers to these frequently asked questions and you will be prepared to help your student make the right decision for him or her.

Featured Questions


How safe is your campus?

Michigan Tech’s emphasis on creating and sustaining a safe environment for students first drew national attention from a Reader’s Digest 2008 ranking as the safest campus in Michigan and third safest in the US. Ongoing cohesive planning and a culture of respect, empowerment, and education continue to foster our strong awareness, prevention, and response network.


Where is your campus located?

We are in Houghton, Michigan.

Our setting on the Keweenaw Peninsula provides a beautiful backdrop to a world-class education. Michigan Tech is located in Houghton, and, with Hancock and the surrounding towns, has a combined population of approximately 15,000. However, with the Michigan Tech student population, it balloons to more than 22,000.

Houghton’s historical downtown features a unique blend of shops, eateries, museums, and brewpubs, while chain restaurants and major shopping outlets are a short car ride from campus. Recreational opportunities include our ski hill (lit for night skiing and snowboarding), golf course, and on-campus recreational forest and Tech Trails for cross country running, skiing, biking, and hiking. Nearby Lake Superior and inland lakes and streams offer more opportunities for relaxation.

About Campus

About our Community


How do I arrange a campus visit?

The Admissions Office is the place to go to check us out.


How will I pay for a Michigan Tech Education?

Our Financial Aid Office does everything it can to help you pay for the great education you get here.


What are Michigan Tech's rankings?

Michigan Tech has been ranked in a number of publications, studies, and reviews. You can read our latest rankings and learn more about Michigan Tech online.

Husky Plaza webcam.

Husky Plaza Web Cam

View of the statute at Husky Plaza.

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2 hours ago - We can (almost) guarantee we'll be snow-free if you visit over the summer. #michigantech #roadtrip 🚗🚙🚲🚐🏍 . . . . . #HuskySummer #mtubound #comeUP #watefrontcampus
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Yesterday - RT @mtuhky: Hockey Opens Season at Wisconsin on October 1 https://t.co/hR7nHdLQF8 #mtuhky #FollowTheHuskies https://t.co/2WNDLzqHI3
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Friday - 'Tis the season for tick checks. This 35-micron-long hair on the leg of a dog tick (Dermacentor variabilis) is a spike-like feature that helps it find, grasp, and climb onto hosts. Ticks may not fly—or even jump that far—but they do what's called "questing," and by waving their third and fourth legs like they're at a rock concert, they're better able to hitch a ride. However, ticks are fickle about humidity and temperature, and will hide under leaf litter to stay damp. To keep ticks off your own legs, keep them covered on hikes and check for hitchhikers after. Nymphs of the Lyme disease-carrying deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) may be only one to two millimeters across, about the size of a pinhead. 📷by Jeffrey Brookins on a #scanningelectronmicroscope. It placed as a runner-up in @jeol_usa 2016 SEM/TEM/EPMA Image Contest. #spectometry #NMR #ESR #michigantechunscripted #NorthwoodsProblems #TicksforScience #SEM #Microscope #science #sciart #STEAM #tickpics
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Friday - RT @carynheldt: We made it @IRES_Denmark. One train away from Aarhus. @mturesearch #NSFfunded https://t.co/1um8q2EWdy