Transportation Services

Health and Safety Level 3 Shuttle Information

To help keep our campus and community healthy, face coverings and social distancing are required on all Michigan Tech shuttles. Due to social distancing guidelines, we can only accommodate 24 riders at a time on the Husky Campus Shuttle and 15 riders on the City Commuter Shuttle. We expect all riders to treat their driver and fellow passengers with courtesy and respect.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Spring Break 2021 Shuttle Schedule

Shuttle Services

During the fall and spring semesters, Transportation Services provides shuttle service around campus and throughout downtown Houghton.

Two Main Shuttle Routes

  • Husky Campus Shuttle 
    • Includes Daniell Heights and Shopping
  • City Commuter Shuttle

Husky Shuttle Live

All of our shuttles are equipped with GPS units to provide the current location of each shuttle along its route. View for the current locations of all of our shuttles.

Live Shuttle Map

Shuttle Rules

Shuttles are provided by Transportation Services as a convenience for our students, faculty and staff. To ensure a safe and on-time shuttle experience please follow the passenger guidelines.

Campus Shuttle Updates

Please Note: Shuttles may need to be cancelled due to vehicle issues or inclement weather. For timely updates on schedule changes please join the "Campus Shuttle Updates" Google Group.