Phase 4: Candidate Selection

Candidate Selection Overview

Step 8: Candidate References


  • HR requires 3 letters of recommendation
  • If they are not provided in the application process HR will request them
  • Search committee informs HR when they are ready to review recommendation letters
  • Search Committee determines if candidates are still viable candidates



Step 9: Final Candidate Selection


  • In PageUp, Search Chair add reasons for non-selection for those not chosen for hire
  • In PageUp, Search Chair moves candidate selected to Recommend for hire
  • Appointment Request packet is sent to Human Resources
  • Wait for Equal Opportunity Compliance's review and approval from Human Resources before offering position
  • If the search failed to find a candidate, inform Human Resources


Enter reasons of non-selection for candidates not chosen for hire

Complete Form A: Faculty Appointment Recommendation

Send Appointment Request Packet to HR

Step 10: Offer Accepted and New Employment Paperwork



  • Send all search documentation to Human Resources

Step 8: Candidate References

Recommendation Letters

Minimum of 3 recommendations letters are required, and are typically requested during the application process. When it is time for the search committee to review recommendation letters, the search committee chair will inform Human Resources. Human Resources will move the candidates into the workflow state of "Reference check".  Human Resources will make the letters available to the search committee.

Step 9: Final Candidate Selection

Before any offer for employment made, the Search Chair must first go into PageUp and update the workflow status of who will not get an offer of employment.

Reasons for Non-Selection of Applicants Interviewed and Final Disposition Code

The Search Chair will move applicants in the workflow by entering the final disposition codes and reasons of non-selection for all applicants interviewed and not advancing. If you need assistance, contact Human Resources and also review the Applicant Flow Log webpage for assistance. You will be using the section called Disposition Codes to use once an applicant has been interviewed and/or reached the "recommend for hire" stage.

Movement of the Finalist to "Recommended to Hire by Dept"

The next step is for the Search Chair or Search Admin to notify Human Resources with the name of the candidate(s) that are recommended for hire.

Appointment Request Packet

Please prepare the following and send it to Human Resources: This is also listed in the Faculty Hiring Checklist.

  • Form A – Appointment Recommendation and Faculty Qualifications Assurance Form
  • Draft appointment/offer letter
  • Request for Start-Up (if applicable)
  • Draft start-up support letter (if applicable)
  • Three (3) recommendation letters (printed from PageUp)
  • CV – this can be printed from PageUP

Provost Provides Final Approval and Employment Offer is Made

After final approvals are received from the Provost, the Dean or Department Chair will be notified that they can now make the offer to the candidate. Once this is completed, an official offer of employment letter will be sent from the department chair or dean for signature confirming details of the offer, (salary, start date, etc.)

The way an offer is negotiated can have lasting impacts not only on the candidate's decision but also on their career. Strive for a feeling of openness and fairness when negotiating contracts. This will help the candidate feel as if they're entering an environment where they can thrive. There is some evidence that suggests women are less inclined to negotiate than men. Seek to empower all candidates to advocate on their own behalf by providing a list of things they can discuss in negotiations. Examples are provided in the resources section below.

Equity will continue to be a vital part of an efficient and productive workplace. Equitable negotiations, and follow-through on promises from these negotiations, are a great way to improve faculty satisfaction and ultimately retain world-class faculty. Another important factor for early career faculty is support for career development. The Early Career Management program at Michigan Tech provides new faculty with a mentoring committee and valuable guidance for their development.

Send Materials to Human Resources

All documentation related to a search process, including search committee notes, evaluation criteria, reference checks, ratings of applicants, etc., must be retained by the University for 3 years after the hire date. Please send all materials to Human Resources.

Failed Search

If you have a failed search contact Human Resources.

Step 10: Offer Accepted and New Employment Paperwork

Offer Letter

After the offer letter has been signed, Human Resources will notify the candidates who were interviewed but not selected and will move the chosen applicant to "Offer accepted" in PageUp.

New Employee Paperwork

The new employee must complete all applicable employment forms at the new employee orientation which will be on their first day of work. Human Resources will contact the new employee with the date, time, and location the week before they begin their new position. The new employee cannot begin work until the employment paperwork is completed.