Payroll Services

Payroll Services oversees all University payroll and time reporting for faculty, staff, and student employees.  Our goal is to provide timely and accurate payroll services in accordance with all applicable laws and policies.  Read more about our services below.

Bi-Weekly Payroll Process

Departments are responsible for maintaining effective systems of monitoring to ensure the accuracy of payroll.  Please read and follow the Payroll Service Standard Practice Guide. Time is reported through various methods based on department.  Methods include: paper time sheets, web time entry, or department time entry, or TimeClock Plus

Federal & State Tax Withholding

Payroll Services processes income tax that is withheld from employee wages and pays it to state and federal governments.  We will review employees who live and work outside of Michigan as in most situations withholding is for the state where the employee works.

Payroll Reports

The Payroll Reports Handbook has step-by-step instructions on how to run payroll labor reports.  Gross earning reports are available with various sort options.  For more information on reports available to you, contact the Human Resources Information Services staff at 906-487-2280.

Direct Deposit

Employees are encouraged to set up payroll and non-payroll direct deposit to their financial institution. For instruction on how to set these up, please visit the Direct Deposit page.

Payroll Services also processes payroll deductions, labor reallocations, and W-2 forms. 

Please contact us at 906-487-2130 or for any questions related to our services. Forms related to our services are available on the HR Forms website under "Payroll Services Forms."