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Are you looking to hire someone to work outside of the United States?

Human Resources has issued a new policy addressing this issue. Please refer to Policy 2.6020 and note that all University departments hiring individuals to work outside of the country must contact Human Resources prior to doing so.

Employment Services at Michigan Tech provides departmental resources and assistance for hiring faculty, staff, and student employees.  Please navigate the below links to assist you in your hiring process.

Employment Services Representative

Each department on campus has an Employment Representative to collaborate with for hiring needs, departmental reorganizations, and guidance on related policies and procedures.  You can find your HR Employment Representative in the Employment Representative Guide.

Hiring Processes

Please navigate to the following pages for detailed hiring process steps and information:

Posting/Search Waiver

As a federal contractor, Michigan Tech must demonstrate positive actions toward the recruitment and advancement of qualified minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans. To meet federal regulations and objectives to be an inclusive environment, Michigan Tech has adopted an open, competitive search practice that is free from discrimination and is reflective of equal opportunity.

In certain circumstances, a department would like an exception, or posting waiver, where the intention is to hire a current employee into a new position OR hiring someone outside of the University into a current/new position without conducting an open, competitive search process . These circumstances would be when a candidate is uniquely qualified or possesses a specialized skill, focus area, knowledge, and/or qualifications. 

If the reason for the Posting Waiver is “scarce skills,” a justification must be included that describes what specialized knowledge, skills, or background are required to perform these duties and then describe how the candidate is uniquely qualified based on their background, experience, scarce skills, knowledge, or ability. An entry level position is rarely considered uniquely qualified. Experience gained while working as an interim, temporary, intern, or as a student employee is also rarely considered a unique qualification.  Examples of someone who has scarce skills would be a researcher with experience working with highly specialized and uncommon equipment or a high-level cyber security investigator. 

Posting Waiver exceptions will be used sparingly and can be highly criticized by the Department of Labor, which can lead to potential violations of federal regulations. 

You can find the posting waiver form here. Please contact your Employment Services Representative if you would like to initiate the process of a posting waiver.

Internal Definition

An internal candidate is any current employee hired through the Human Resources posting or posting waiver process.