Beginning March 4, 2024, Human Resources will be pulling in I-9 verification for all Student and Casual/Temporary employees.

Original documents are required for I-9 verification.

Student Hiring

The following information is an overview of the steps to hire a student employee.

Departments wishing to hire students must follow the steps outlined below. No student is allowed to work until both the I-9 process and an Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF) has been applied by Human Resources. Students must provide original documentation for I-9 verification. No photocopies or pictures of original documents are accepted.

Student Hiring Process

  • Step 1: Department identifies the student for employment.
  • Step 2: Department submits a Student Hiring Form via the HR Support Center portal and be assigned a ticket.
  • Step 3: Human Resources runs the WebFocus report HRREPT006B to confirm the student's status, I-9 and VISA.
    • New I-9 Required:
      • HR responds to new student employee, department coordinator, and supervisor with deadline for student to come in and complete I-9.
        • Additional new hire paperwork will be included. Students can complete this prior to coming in for I-9 verification or packets will be available.
      • HR collects I-9 and required documentation (*Original documentation required*).
      • HR contacts department with Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) creation category and query/personnel date.
    • Reverify I-9:
      • Completed by HR.
      • HR notifies department to submit EPAF, with creation category and query/personnel date.
    • No I-9 Action Needed:
      • See step 4.
  • Step 4: Department creates and submits EPAF.
  • Step 5: EPAF goes through proper routing queue for approvals.
  • Step 6: HR applies EPAF once routing queue is completed.
    • HRIS can only apply EPAFs from pay week Wednesdays (12 p.m.) to off-cycle Wednesdays (12 p.m.) in coordination with Payroll Services processes.
  • Step 7: HR notifies the student employee, department, and supervisor that the student can begin working.
    • HR will create and send the student's gold card to the department.


Student Employment Forms

New International Student Employees

If the new student employee is an international student, please refer to guidelines from the International Programs and Services site. You can also contact IPS at 906-487-2160 or