Remote Work

Michigan Tech recognizes that supervisors are being asked about remote work options for staff as we exit the COVID-19 pandemic. The University has reviewed and streamlined its processes. There are three categories of remote work, each of which have different criteria and processes:

  1. Remote work: Jobs that are exclusively or primarily done remotely, whether due to the demands of the job (e.g. regional recruiters), for talent acquisition and retention purposes, or as a result of developing a fully remote position description with Human Resources. Supervisors should contact Human Resources directly regarding this option;
  2. Flexible work (more information below): Jobs that are primarily performed on-site, but that have a regular component of flexibility accommodating off-site work (e.g. working from home one day per week); and
  3. Short-term reasonable accommodations: Situations in which supervisors retain the ability to address exceptional circumstances with their employees and allow short-term flexibility (in no event to exceed three weeks) without the completion of special paperwork.

Flex work

Michigan Tech's brand relies on a strong residential face-to-face delivery model, however, some positions at Michigan Tech can be successfully completed remotely while still maintaining service excellence. Flex work is not one size fits all and may not be appropriate for all positions. Every supervisor must weigh and assess their employees and their positions to ensure flex work does not impact service or the ability to satisfactorily complete their job. This page should be used as a resource to help make informed decisions on the availability of flex work for employees. Any request for flex work must be discussed with the supervisor and will require approval from the supervisor and the appropriate Vice President with a final review by Human Resources. The employee must fill out the flex work request form below at least 30 days in advance of the desired start date.

Eligibility Criteria: For employees requesting Flex Work, employees with at least one year of in-person employment are eligible for no more than 20% flex work, and employees with at least 2 years of in-person employment are eligible for no more than 40% of flex work.

Flex Work Form

Important Flex Work Guidelines and Conditions

Checklists and Resources

Any questions related to this process can be directed to Human Resources Employment Services at 906-487-2280.