EPAF Resources

What is an EPAF?

An EPAF, Electronic Personnel Action Form, is the new way to process employee status changes. Instead of using a paper form to hire, end job or make changes to an employee, we are deploying an electronic system that is faster, more secure, and provides real time status updates.  

EPAF Process Guidelines:

  • EPAFs need to be fully approved by everyone in the routing queue by Noon on Payday Friday.
  • EPAFs that are late and are for the current pay period will be returned for correction, voided by the originator, and a new EPAF will be created using a personnel date. This creates more work for everyone, so please make sure EPAFs are created and approved on time.

Below are the current actions you can perform utilizing EPAF, by employee type.


All actions for student employees are done through EPAF processing (new student hires, rehires, and changes to existing jobs).

Paper processing (student employment requisition forms, ie pink forms) are no longer accepted.


  • Change Employee Job Index - Change the Index from which the employee is paid.
  • Change Employee Time Entry Information - Change the way an employee's time is submitted to payroll and/or change an employee's time sheet approver.
  • End Employee Job - End the employee job due to resignations, retirement (except for RSVP), or for ending a temporary job early.