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Staff Hiring Process Training Program

Equal Opportunity Compliance and Human Resources have created this 5 part training program to provide education on best practices and legal aspects of conducting a dynamic search and successfully hiring the best candidate for your position. The program covers each step of the staff hiring process, provides direction for effective interviewing, and delivers other resources to support recruitment and hiring.

 Effective July 1, 2015, completion of this training is required for all staff who will serve on a search committee; either as a Search Committee Chair or a Committee Member. This training will be valid for four (4) years after the date of completion. After four (4) years, an employee will be required to take the course again to become recertified.

Additionally, completion of a Staff Legal Aspects Refresher course is required annually when serving on a search committee. It will be assigned automatically upon joining a search committee.

List of Staff Eligible to Participate on Staff Search Committees

All five parts are online in Canvas (you will be sent a link via email) and follow each other in the course flow. 

If you have questions about this course please email Equal Opportunity Compliance at or call Human Resources at 906-487-2280.

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