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Computing makes everything possible.

Undergraduate Degrees

Try to imagine a world without computers everywhere. For better or worse, the genie is out of the bottle and computing, connectivity, and artificial intelligence have become critically ingrained in nearly every aspect of modern life. This is the world that needs the College of Computing at Michigan Tech.

Computing makes everything possible, and computer science is one of today's most in-demand degrees. Whether you want to pursue a career in industry, entrepreneurship, or academia, a Michigan Tech computer science education will give you the skills and knowledge you'll need to succeed.

Bachelor's Degrees

Computer Science BS

Michigan Tech BS in Computer Science students gain knowledge and experience through a wide range of classroom, lab, and hands-on learning opportunities. A broad field, the study of computer science includes everything from the algorithms that power the software, how software interacts with hardware, and how well software is developed and designed. No matter how your interests change over time, a bachelor's in Computer Science will serve you throughout your career. The Computer Science BS program is fully accredited by ABET, so you know you'll get a top-quality education. Choose a concentration in Computer Science, Application, Computer Systems, or Game Development.

What is Computer Science?

Cybersecurity BS

Offered jointly by the departments of Computer Science and Applied Computing, the BS in Cybersecurity leads to rewarding, valued careers protecting the nation's digital frontier. Today, there are more cybersecurity jobs than there are people with the right skills to fill them. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for information security analysts will grow by 33 percent through 2030. Choose a concentration in Software Security or System and Network Security.

What is Cybersecurity?

Data Science BS

Total global data storage is projected to exceed 200 zettabytes by 2025. Because data-collecting abilities have far outpaced techniques to manage these data, the world urgently needs scientists who can expertly analyze and interpret massive data sets. One of the nation's fastest growing careers, data science professionals work as business intelligence analysts, data mining engineers, data architects, data scientists, and more. They are well-rounded, data-driven individuals with high-level technical skills capable of synthesizing large amounts of information to answer complex questions and drive strategy in their organizations.

What is Data Science?

Software Engineering BS

Software engineers design and develop computer games, business applications, operating systems, network control systems, and middleware, to name just a few of the many career paths. Secure your place in the future of this exciting, well-regarded profession. During your first two years of study, you'll gain a solid foundation in computer science. Then, in your final two years, you'll specialize in software engineering, focusing on the practical, technical, and security sides of software. The Michigan Tech BS in Software Engineering program is fully accredited by ABET, so you know you'll get a top-quality education.

What is Software Engineering?

General Computing

It's an important decision. Take your time. Starting out in General Computing gives you a semester (or two) to explore and decide which computing degree program or discipline sparks your curiosity. It's a starting point to give you some space to choose the field that fits you best. You'll explore the computing-related majors as you complete the introductory courses, building your confidence and knowledge -- all while staying on track to meet graduation requirements. Within one or two semesters, you'll be ready to make a well-informed decision about your major without adding or completing unnecessary credits.


A minor allows undergraduate students to specialize in a secondary discipline outside of or complementary to their major. The College of Computing offers three minors: Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Data Acquisition and Industrial Control.

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Undergraduate Advising

A positive and productive advising relationship is a key component of your success at Michigan Tech. You and your academic advisor will develop your academic plan, and your advisor will help you follow and complete your plan to ensure your success at Michigan Tech.

Computer Science Advising


A minor allows you to specialize in a discipline outside of or complementary to your major, expand your knowledge base, and boost your potential career options. You can declare a major anytime, but it is recommend that you begin your minor studies as early as possible in your academic career.


Founded in 2019, the College of Computing is one of the first colleges in the nation—and the only college in Michigan—to focus solely on computing. Digital transformation has morphed every discipline into a computing discipline, and industries like manufacturing, criminal justice, marketing, and health care are all being reinvented by digital technologies. The College of Computing is making sure that today's and tomorrow's employers have the computing talent they need to thrive in this brave new world.

Supercharge your future.

Meet the demands of a technology-driven society at a flagship public research university powered by science, technology, engineering, and math. Graduate with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to succeed in today's and tomorrow's high-tech world.

Watch Virtual Reality Lab video
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Virtual Reality Lab

Associate Professor Keith Vertanen, Computer Science, talks abut his Virtual Reality Lab.

Virtual Reality Lab Virtual Reality Lab
My Michigan Tech: Hunter Higdon My Michigan Tech: Hunter Higdon
Hello, World. Hello, World.
Ride Along: Husky Games Ride Along: Husky Games
My Michigan Tech: Drew Stockero My Michigan Tech: Drew Stockero
My Michigan Tech: Parker Young My Michigan Tech: Parker Young
My Michigan Tech: Maddie Leclair My Michigan Tech: Maddie Leclair
My Michigan Tech: Abby Nelson My Michigan Tech: Abby Nelson
My Michigan Tech: Stu Kernstock My Michigan Tech: Stu Kernstock

Enterprise, Only at Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech Enterprises are student-run business teams providing end-to-end original product development through real-world experiences in engineering design, team building, and project management. Enterprise teams work under the direction of a faculty advisor. Students from across campus participate in Enterprise program teams. 

  • Students in the Husky Game Development Enterprise design and develop games for business, education, and fun. Earn credit, gain experience, and build your resume, all while creating quality software that will attract and satisfy industry sponsors. Who says you can’t work and play?
  • Humane Interface Design Enterprise (HIDE) students design, develop, and evaluate human-centered computer interfaces to make daily work more efficient and easier to manage. 
  • IT Oxygen Enterprise students—from numerous majors—provide Information Technology help to both student organizations and businesses, working on real projects for real companies that foster skills in development, problem-solving, and business.

I chose Michigan Tech because of the well-tailored curriculum that helps me to stand out from the crowd.

Siddhesh Mahadeshwar
Siddesh Mahadeshwar
Graduate Student, Computer Science