Add computing expertise to your degree with a minor in computer science, cybersecurity, or data acquisition and controls. You'll build a fundamental knowledge base in a discipline outside of or complementary to your major and expand your career options.

How to Enroll in a Minor

To pursue a minor, you must first be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program and submit a request to add a minor to your curriculum through the Curriculum Change Portlet in MyMichiganTech. The minor advisor will receive notification and contact you with any questions prior to reviewing and approving your request. We recommend that you begin your minor studies as early as possible in your academic career.

See the College of Computing minor audits for a listing of requirements for each minor. 

Computer Science

The discipline of computer science encompasses theory, experimentation, and engineering design. The minor in computer science introduces you to foundational computer science topics and strengthens your creativity, precision, and reasoning capabilities.


The minor in cybersecurity provides students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of cybersecurity concepts and principles, learn offensive and defensive cybersecurity techniques, and develop professional skills to apply cybersecurity knowledge to the general area of their majors.

Data Acquisition and Industrial Control

In the Data Acquisition and Industrial Control minor you'll develop skills in data collection and analysis/interpretation. The minor in Data Acquisition and Industrial Control is most applicable to the fields of electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering technology, and surveying engineering.