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Data is growing—impacting our lives and economy. Are you ready to manage critical data sets? Choose a domain and Michigan Technological University's interdisciplinary Master of Science in Data Science provides you with training, skills, and opportunities to become a specialist.

Dynamic, High-Impact Field

The field of data science has emerged in response to the increased data abundance in industry, science, and engineering—a result of richer content and high-speed communication networks. In 2000, the amount of data stored globally hovered around 800,000 petabytes; in contrast, projections for 2020 place the data lode at approximately 35 zettabytes. Accordingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 19 percent growth in employment for computer and information research scientists by 2020.

Big producers of data include:

  • Twitter and Facebook, which both generate more than 7 terabytes of data each day
  • e-health networks
  • telemetry devices and sensors
  • environmental agencies
  • commercial entities
  • information security agencies

Who Are Data Scientists?

Because our data-collecting abilities have far outpaced techniques to manage these data, the world is in dire need of scientists who can expertly analyze and interpret massive data sets. The current lack of these trained professionals limits the amount of data that can be effectively mined to less than five percent of available data.

Data scientists occupy a unique niche in a variety of industries, from retail to finance to healthcare. They fill diverse roles, from data prognosticating to communicating complex, technical information to broad audiences. This skill set is in very high demand.