Robotics Engineering

Design, build, test, and direct robots.

Robotics engineering combines elements of electrical and mechanical engineering with computer science for a strong balance that also includes microprocessor integration. Explore robotics engineering and transform your curiosity and passion into a career working with robots and other human-machine integrated environments.

Globally, the robotics industry is booming—and it shows no sign of slowing down. Work alongside faculty conducting research on autonomous vehicles above and below ground (and underwater). Design a vision system for work with a robotic arm or an automatic power system for weather buoys with the Robotic Systems Enterprise. Pitch your own robotic invention and earn startup funding at the Husky Innovate competition. Share your passion for FIRST Robotics with local high school students. Apply your skills and find success as a Michigan Tech robotics engineering graduate.

"Robotics engineering will cover all the skills you need for developing autonomous vehicles. It's a unique set of skills now in heavy demand, with a little bit of everything and a focus on learning the cutting edge."

Jeremy Bos, Assistant Professor and Robotic Systems Enterprise Advisor

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Emily Ladensack, Robotics Engineering

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