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STEM Students Specialize in Mechatronics

Our students and faculty know what tomorrow needs. Mechatronics studies combine the concepts of engineering, robotics, automation, and controls. That matters because Artificial Intelligence helps businesses stay competitive. And employees with this specialized knowledge have a competitive edge in the hiring process.

Create simpler, smarter systems.

Mechatronic engineers apply their knowledge to find creative solutions to engineering problems involving robotic systems in industrial, research, and development settings. As automation and robotic use continues to grow globally, be ready to take your place in high-demand industrial fields.

Understand, troubleshoot, maintain, and develop entire systems. Approach mechatronics from multiple angles—mechanical, electrical, computer, and systems engineering, along with telecommunications, robotics, automation, and controls. Work with robotics simulation software like RobotRun and learn to design your own systems. Develop skills and confidence in our NUCOR Industrial Control and Automation Lab. Join Robotics Systems Enterprise to solve real-world engineering problems. At Michigan Tech, you'll leverage your engineering analysis and design capabilities for successful technical, professional, and entrepreneurial leadership positions.

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