Computer Science

Discover and adapt fast-changing technologies.

Computer science uses theory, experimentation, and engineering design to model and analyze problems to design and verify computing solutions. You'll master computer software and computational processes for a variety of applications and users for a lasting impact on technological development.

Compete (and win!) in programming invitationals. Explore virtual reality, AI, and robotics. Learn on your schedule with 24/7 access to labs. Create video games from idea to end-product for class credit in the Husky Games Enterprise. Find the secret logic hidden in massive amounts of information in Data Mining. Push the limits of new technologies by joining an Oculus Rift Hack Night.

At Michigan Tech, you'll specialize your computer science degree with a concentration in computer science, computer systems, applications, or game development. Want to accelerate your career? Earn a master's degree in one additional year through the Accelerated Master's program.

"My experience at Michigan Tech has put me in the mindset that I can accomplish anything if I work towards it. I recently accepted an offer for my lifelong dream job as a software engineer at Google post-graduation—something I never expected to be doing right out of college. I attribute this success to what I've learned and experienced at MTU." Mark Washington, Computer Science

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Maddie Leclair, Computer Science

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