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English is a degree for students who can think critically and read, write, and communicate effectively. You’ll learn research and writing skills and strategies enabling you to analyze and report on the language and texts of others, as well as create original, meaningful texts of your own. You will be well prepared for graduate work or for a career in publishing, industry, law, business, or government.

Incorporate the most current technology available into a liberal arts education that prepares you for transmedia storytelling across platforms. Work on real projects for real clients in the CinOptic Communication and Media Enterprise—a student-run business team that works to design products such as marketing materials, websites, and more. Collaborate with students on reading, writing, and oral presentations in our Michigan Tech Writing Center. Write or work for the Michigan Tech Lode or other campus publications. Learn from world-class faculty in small classes, allowing you to know your professor on a first-name basis. Put your skills, strategies, and analysis to work in publishing, media, industry, law, or business.

"It opened my eyes for me to see that writing wasn’t something that anyone could do, but something people with passion could do. Those who helped make my writing better knew exactly where I was at and gave wonderful ideas to aid me. If it wasn’t for them, I’m not sure I would have continued to love writing." Wynter Lindgren, Alumna

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