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Michigan Tech History Major

Tomorrow needs historians who help to create the future by understanding the past. Learn how the History major at Michigan Tech enables students to thrive in an environment known for personal interaction with Professors, collaboration, and 1:1 guidance in an area of the country that makes it easy to study history. See how students study history and apply what they learn in hands-on projects in the local community.

Record and maintain our collective memory.

In order to create the new solutions tomorrow needs, we must first understand our past. With a degree in history, you'll be prepared for a variety of careers in law, government service, libraries and museums, education, and for information-gathering positions in businesses and non-profit organizations.

Michigan Tech’s history curriculum is adaptable to your personal interests, blending traditional history coursework and many specialized subjects for an excellent liberal arts education. Choose an area of historical focus and study what you're most passionate about: American or European history, the history of technology, environmental history, or industrial archaeology and history. Use WebGIS tools to overlay historic maps, aerial photos, and remote sensing imagery (including ground-penetrating radar). Learn to use the databases and tools in the Michigan Tech Archives. Conduct field research during the archaeology summer field school. Study abroad. Plus, get to know your professors on a first-name basis in a department dedicated to personalized attention.

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