The Bachelor of Arts in English prepares students for a rapidly changing world by helping them become more aware of the social and historical forces that have shaped and continue to reconfigure human cultures throughout the world. Our transnational focus and our emphasis on the diversity of human experiences deepen the developing and always invaluable skills of our students who think, read, speak, write, and design with eye to creativity and critical interpretation. Literature and literary culture represent and create the human ties that connect us, and help us navigate the increasing complexities of a global society.

"Studying literature and writing has helped me to understand the human experience so much better. To write well requires knowledge of meaning and perception. To read well requires empathy. As I study English, I find myself understanding the people around me better—even those I have nothing in common with."Rebecca Barkdoll, BA English 2020

Program Information

Students gain foundational concepts and skills that prepare them for advanced work in English concentrations. See the Michigan Tech undergraduate course catalog for additional information on these and other undergraduate courses.

Major Core Courses

  • Ways of Reading
  • Introduction to Film
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Mythology
  • Shakespeare
  • Literary Theory and Criticism
  • Senior Seminar in English

Other Requirements

  • Major Electives: 18 credits in literature and modern language
  • Free Electives: 44 credits
  • General Education Courses: 39 credits 

For specific information about degree requirements, please contact Humanities Undergraduate Advisor, Maria Bergstrom.

Add Value

Humanities majors can add additional value to their degrees through minors, internships and co-ops, Enterprise teams, and professional development opportunities.

Students also have the opportunity to enrich their studies in the major by participating in a variety of study abroad programs.

Students may also choose to enrich their study of literature by participating in Summer Track B Study Abroad program in northern England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Professional Development Opportunities

Only a small part of your education at Michigan Tech takes place within the formal setting of a classroom. In addition to working with Career Services to build and maintain your résumé and portfolio, Michigan Tech offers a number of extracurricular opportunities to hone your critical-thinking and interpersonal communication skills and build your confidence. Students can get involved by:

Get Hired

English majors have a wide range of career trajectories and are highly sought after professionals. Their strengths as analysts, researchers, creative thinkers, along with their oral and written communication skills make them strong candidates for advanced degrees in literature, creative writing, medicine, law, and business. They are also well prepared to pursue opportunities in the public, private, and non-profit sectors as, amongst other things, teachers and educators, editors, entrepreneurs, journalists, librarians, researchers, effective administrators, and as social and political advocates.

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