Scientific and Technical Communication

Scientific and technical communications students working together.

Communication changes everything.

Technical communicators make scientific, technical, and practical knowledge available to a variety of audiences in various media such as print, video, web, and digital multimedia. Write, design, produce, and convey information to connect companies and consumers. You’ll graduate as a savvy technical communicator with the expertise employers want.

Studying at a university that's strong in STEM will make you a better technical communicator. Our scientific and technical communication (STC) graduates head communications departments and run their own companies.  Collaborate with students on reading, writing, and oral presentations in our Michigan Tech Writing Center. Work on real projects for real clients in the CinOptic Communication and Media Enterprise. Plus, Learn from world-class faculty in small classes, allowing you to get to know your professors on a first-name basis.

Choose between a BA degree (with options for more courses in design, multimedia, or business) or a BS degree (with more math and science courses) and specialize in an emphasis area by taking courses in the field of study you intend to work in.

"Michigan Tech was the only college I ever considered. My mother graduated from Tech in ’93. I started in materials science, but switched to scientific and technical communication. It’s not that I didn't like engineering—I missed English and writing. I still enjoy science and math, but I’ve always wanted to write." Piper Schlaeppi, Alumna

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