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HuskyCare Health Plans

Michigan Tech provides three medical insurance choices: HuskyCare PPO and two HuskyCare High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP). New employees select their choices during Human Resource's New Employee Orientation. Each November, current employees can modify their selections during the open enrollment period. The benefit plan year is January 1 through December 31.

Changes to the Public Acts 21 and 22 of 2019 reform Michigan’s automobile no-fault insurance law will be effective July 1, 2020. Michigan Tech's health insurance is primary for auto accidents. All three of our insurance plans (PPO, HDHP1 and HDHP2) comply with the new laws and qualify as a qualified health coverage.  

Please read the BCBSM FAQ for Auto Insurance regarding the change to the Michigan no-fault insurance law. Michigan Tech is self-funded. The FAQs related to self-funded is what pertains to Michigan Tech. 

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This four-minute video is designed to assist you in setting up your HSA through Banweb. If you have trouble viewing this video, click on the 'Youtube' button in the bottom right of the video playback bar.

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Medical Information

What to do if a claim is denied
If your medical claim was not paid, in whole or in part, your explanation of benefits statement will indicate the reason for nonpayment. You can get more information on how to file an appeal on the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan website found here or call Customer Service at the number on the back of your ID Card.

Designated Eligible Individual (DEI) Program

Michigan Tech offers a competitive benefit package to its employees in order to recruit and retain the very best faculty and staff. In 2008, we implemented the Designated Eligible Individual (DEI) program to expand health benefits to individuals for whom coverage may not traditionally have been available.

To learn more about the DEI program criteria and to enroll, please download the DEI enrollment form. To view the current costs and taxes associated with this program, please view the DEI costs and taxes chart.

The DEI enrollment form must be completed during the benefits open enrollment period each fall or no more than 30 days after the above criteria are met.

Massage Therapy Claims

Michigan Tech’s health insurance covers massage therapy when prescribed by a physician. The prescription must state the number of sessions prescribed and the diagnosis. Services must be by an independent, licensed massage therapist who is not practicing with, or in business with the physician prescribing the massage therapy. Massage therapy is covered under the Outpatient Short-Term Rehabilitation umbrella which includes a combined 60 visit maximum per year.

Please follow these guidelines to file a claim for massage therapy:

  1. Complete a BCBSM claim form
  2. Write "Michigan Tech Massage Therapy" at the top of the form
  3. Include with your claim (make sure these are new and legible copies):
    • a copy of your BCBSM member card
    • a copy of the prescription which includes the diagnosis
    • a copy of the itemized receipt from the provider that includes the procedure code (97124) and the code for the specific diagnosis (or the name of the diagnosis)
  4. Claims may be faxed to 866-392-6519. For your convenience and faster processing use the massage therapy fax cover sheet.

    or mailed to:

    ATTN Michigan Tech Claims
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
    PO Box 230555
    Grand Rapids MI 49523-0555
  5. For claim questions please contact BCBSM at 877-760-8575

Pharmacy Information

Michigan Tech provides prescription coverage with the HuskyCare Health Plans through Express Scripts. Express Scripts offers in-store pick up, as well as home delivery for prescriptions. To learn more about Express Scripts and prescription coverage, please check out the information below, visit the Express Scripts website, or download the Express Scripts Mobile App.

International Coverage

If you are traveling abroad, your healthcare benefits go with you. Use these helpful links to learn more about the BlueCard Worldwide Program before you travel.


The Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is a law that allows eligible former employees the option to continue health insurance coverage under their previous group plan at the termination of employment. Former employees who elect COBRA coverage assume the full responsibility for the cost of the premiums. For more information on COBRA see the COBRA Continuation Coverage Election Notice or contact the Benefits Office.