Designated Eligible Individual (DEI)

The Designated Eligible Individual (DEI) program started January 1, 2008 and changes the eligibility criteria for enrollment in Michigan Tech's health plans.  The Designated Eligible Individual (DEI) program will be reviewed annually to determine if it will be continued for the next plan year.

Michigan Tech reserves the right to change the eligibility criteria or to suspend or terminate the DEI program, including any coverages then being provided, at anytime.

Under the Designated Eligible Individual program, a Michigan Tech employee who does not already enroll a spouse for the health plans may enroll one individual for health coverage but only if all of the following eligible criteria are met:

  • The employee is eligible for Michigan Tech's health plan options.
  • The Designated Eligible Individual (DEI), at the time of proposed enrollment, resides in the same residence as the employee and has done so for the previous 18 continuous months, other than as a tenant.
  • The DEI is not a "dependent" of the employee as defined by the IRS.

Children who are qualified and claimed as IRS-defined dependents by an employee's DEI are also eligible for the health plans if they are members of the employee's household or an enrolled student and they are unmarried and under the age of 19 (up to age 25 if they meet the criteria of a dependent at 19 and if and IRS-defined dependent).

Eligibility to continue coverage for a DEI or a dependent of and employee's DEI ceases at the end of the month in which the above criteria are not met.  Employees must immediately notify Michigan Tech Benefit Services of a change in eligibility status.

The following individuals do not fall within the eligibility criteria:

  • Spouse
  • Children and their descendents (children, grandchildren)
  • Parents
  • Parents' descendents (siblings, nieces, nephews)
  • Grandparents and their descendents (aunts, uncles, cousins)
  • Renters, boarders, tenants

This program does not affect the rights of or criteria applicable to any employee qualifying for enrollment in Michigan Tech's health plans under any other applicable University policy.

DEI enrollment form must be completed during the regular TechSelect open-enrollment period or no more than 30 days after all the above criteria are met.