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Security and Privacy in Healthcare—Certificate

The Security and Privacy in Healthcare certificate program is also available online.

Securing Health Data

Health care security professionals secure and protect health information through an interdisciplinary combination of medical compliance and interoperability, as well as through security and privacy concepts, methods, and tools. The health care industry relies on technology and its connection to the internet. Disrupted systems–whether intentionally or accidentally–can jeopardize patient safety, privacy, and health outcomes and lead to a rise in health care costs. Protecting patient data, stored or in transit, is critical.

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What you need to know

This is a 9-credit program, open to students currently working within a clinical or information technology environment who wish to further their careers in the area of security and privacy in health care. Because the certificate is stackable with the Certificate in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, students have the opportunity to acquire two specializations in the field of computing and health care while completing their MS in Health Informatics

With a Certificate in Security and Privacy in Healthcare, students will gain the skills to secure and protect health information, comply with state and federal health care data regulations, ensure interoperability in the exchange of health care data, and ensure health care systems are capable of successfully adopting new technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.

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