Graduate School Certificate Programs

Graduate certificates can be obtained concurrently with a graduate degree or as a separate graduate program. A graduate certificate requires fewer credits and is more limited in scope than a master's degree. You may be interested in a graduate certificate if you have a specific skill set you'd like to enhance. Many of our students seeking certificates use them to further their career, find a new job, or meet state or national licensing requirements.

Certificate Admissions

Students who are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at Michigan Tech do not need to formally apply for admission into a certificate program. However, it is recommended that they speak with their advisor before beginning certificate coursework. Graduate-level credits earned at Michigan Tech may be double counted toward both a master's or PhD program and a graduate certificate.

Non-degree seeking students interested in obtaining a graduate certificate must apply using the online application.

International Students must apply and be accepted into a master's or PhD program in order to earn a graduate certificate.

Credit Transfer 

A maximum of 1/3 of the coursework credits required for a certificate can be transferred in from another university or from a Michigan Tech undergraduate degree schedule. Graduate-level credits earned at another university can be double counted toward both a master's or PhD program and a graduate certificate.  Credits applied toward a certificate must have been earned no more than five years prior to the date on which the certificate will be awarded. Research credits (if required for the certificate) must be earned through Michigan Tech.