Writing and defending a report is the culmination of a research-based graduate degree. The steps below will assist students in completing this stage of their education. Please reference the appropriate Degree Completion Timeline for additional details and items needed to complete a degree. The Graduate School also maintains an FAQ which answers many questions.

Preparing the report

Download the Guide to Preparing a Dissertation, Thesis, or Report at Michigan Technological University to learn about the formatting requirements for these documents. Refer to the Graduate School’s formatting page to find document templates and additional formatting assistance. Students should consult with their advisor(s), committee, and graduate programs to determine program-specific requirements for their document. If students are using copyrighted material created by themselves or others, consult section 5.3 of the Guide and the Graduate School’s copyright website for additional guidance.

Preparing for the defense

Students should consult with their advisor(s), committee, and graduate programs to determine program-specific requirements for their defense. Students should consult with their committee to determine an appropriate time and place for their defense.

Consult the Graduate School’s website to determine the deadlines for scheduling a defense, holding a defense, and submitting a final document for the desired graduation semester.

Scheduling a defense

Two weeks prior to the defense, students must submit a scheduling request for their defense on MyMichiganTech [student tutorial] and submit their dissertation or thesis to Canvas. Students are responsible for distributing the document to the committee in the format requested by each committee member. Within six business days, the Graduate School will provide feedback on the document’s formatting.

After the defense

Students must submit the Report on final oral examination form after the defense. This form reports the result of the defense to the Graduate School. The student should complete corrections required by their committee and formatting corrections required by the Graduate School.

Completing the report

After all technical and formatting corrections are complete, the student's advisor will submit the Approval of a dissertation, thesis, or report form. This form indicates that the corrections have been made to the committee’s satisfaction.

Within one week of submission of the Approval form, but no later than the deadline to submit a document in the desired graduation semester, students must submit their report to Digital Commons. The Graduate School no longer requires bound copies.  If desired, bound copies may be ordered from a bindery.

The Graduate School will review complete submissions within six business days and either approve the submission, or inform the student of any formatting corrections that are required. If formatting corrections are required, students will have until the Friday of Finals Week to complete them and remain eligible to complete their degree in the current semester.

Students who cannot meet the deadline for the current semester, but can submit during the grace period, are eligible to register for UN5951 in the upcoming semester and pay the resubmission fee to complete their degree in the next semester.  The grace period ends at 4pm on the Wednesday before classes start for the next semester.

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