International Applicants

Michigan Tech is a premier technological university of international stature. Our alumni have successfully demonstrated that they have the skills and experience necessary to address the needs of a complex and rapidly changing world. Because our graduates are like no other, Michigan Tech enrolls a large number of international graduate students who want to make a difference.

International Application Fee

A $10 application processing fee is required for all international applicants. Our application remains free from the start but requires international students to provide a processing fee before they can upload their supporting documents. 

This fee is required for each application that is submitted. If your processing fee is not submitted within 15 days of your initial application submission, your application will be canceled.

English Language Proficiency for Admission Summary

Michigan Tech can offer one type of I-20 to an admitted student, an Academic I-20.

At this time, an ESL program is not offered. All international graduate applicants who are not from exempt countries are required to show proof of English language proficiency in order to be considered for direct admission to a degree program.

Test scores must be dated from within two years (24 months) of the intended date of enrollment. Applicants may use their best test score as long as it is dated within two years of the intended date of enrollment. Individual MTU departments may require higher English language proficiency test scores from graduate degree applicants, so applicants are encouraged to check the requirements of their prospective departments as well. The following tests are accepted:

Who is exempt from this requirement?

Applicants from certain countries of origin do not need to submit an English proficiency test score: see the “List of Exempt Countries” document. Individual departments may have other restrictions for English Proficiency, please refer to the individual program page to see if there are additional restrictions. If a program has additional restrictions, waivers are not available for English proficiency, even if you come from a country that is on the exempt list. 

Programs and Costs

The Graduate School at Michigan Tech has one tuition rate—international students do not pay an “out-of-state” or international tuition rate. Academic year tuition and fees are provided on our Cost of Education page. Admitted students can find information regarding courses, registering for classes, paying student bills, and more on our Resources for Admitted Students page.

Program Restrictions

  •  In most cases, international students residing overseas are not eligible for our online programs.
    • Please refer to our authorization page for a list of countries where we can offer online education.
  • International students cannot pursue a graduate certificate on campus unless they are also pursuing a graduate degree.
  • International students are typically not eligible for non-degree seeking status unless otherwise authorized through participation in a negotiated agreement. However, students with active F1 status at another institution are eligible to take a limited number of online courses at Michigan Tech as non-degree seeking students. F2 dependents are also eligible to apply for non-degree seeking status.

Upon Acceptance

Following acceptance, international students will need to submit a Certificate of Finances Form to show proof of funding. International students seeking F1 visa status must guarantee that they have adequate funds for their educational and living expenses while in the United States. All funds listed must be documented by official bank statements and/or funding letters. For more information on acceptable and non-acceptable sources of funds, see the Certificate of Finances Form on your portal.

Incoming students who seek to travel with their dependent spouse or child(ren) must complete the Dependent Information section of the Certificate of Finances Form. Students must also provide a copy of each dependent's passport to your portal before dependent I-20s will be issued. For more information about bringing dependent family members to the United States, visit the Bringing Family to the United States page.

All international students are required to pay a $100 processing fee to be issued an I-20 or DS-2019. This fee is non-refundable and if you receive an I-20/DS-2019 and do not attend Michigan Tech, you will not be given a refund of your payment.

In addition, international students transferring from another institution in the United States must complete an I-20 Transfer Form in order to maintain F1 status.

Further information for accepted international students can be found on the Resources for Incoming Graduate Students page.

Express Shipping

For express shipping of Visa paperwork Michigan Tech partners with eShip Global to send your immigration documents through FedEx or UPS.  DHL pick-up is unavailable at our university's location.

  • To request express shipping, you must first create an account with eShip Global.  
  • Request your shipment by choosing the "Receive" option with your account.
  • You must provide your Michigan Tech ID (M number), mailing address, e-mail address, phone number and credit card information.
  • Select Graduate School as the recipient of the mailing labels.
  • You will receive a tracking number when you submit your request, which will allow you to track the status of your shipment on the eShip Global web site.