Tuition Assistance

As part of Michigan Tech's commitment to making education affordable for students, the Graduate School provides a number of opportunities for graduate students to receive financial support outside of the work-based assistantship model. Below is a description of these programs.

Reduced Tuition Programs

Michigan Tech offers a number of reduced tuition programs targeting students who have contributed, or will contribute, extraordinary service to the United States and to the world. Past and present US Military service members, past AmeriCorps members, and returned Peace Corps volunteers are all eligible for reduced tuition through the National Graduate Service Reduced Tuition Rate. Reduced tuition is also offered to AmeriCorps/VISTA Master's Program students, Peace Corps International Master's students, and current teachers pursuing a Master's of Science in Applied Science Education.

For more information on these programs, see the Reduced Tuition Programs page.

Graduate School Recruitment

The Graduate School offers a one-time recruitment award designed to bring talented graduate students to our programs in the coming academic year. These awards are offered to exceptional students in their first semester of graduate study at Michigan Tech upon nomination by their academic program.

  • The Graduate School Academic Excellence Award (GAEA) , a recent collaboration between the Graduate School and the Financial Aid office, motivates our top Michigan Tech undergraduate students to pursue an accelerated master’s degree.