International and Domestic Agreements

Partner Institutions

Michigan Tech has agreements with both domestic and international universities that convey various benefits to students. Information on the individual agreements can be obtained from the map by clicking on a place marker. Contact the Graduate School for more information.

Agreement type color coding: Dual Degree (red), Exchange (green), Incoming Students (yellow), Other (blue)

Academic Agreements

International Dual Degree Agreements

Michigan Tech participates in several dual graduate degree programs with partner universities. These agreements enable students to receive two degrees, one from each institution participating in the agreement, upon completion of the intended course of study.

Exchange Agreements

Michigan Tech supports a wide variety of programs that allow domestic students to spend time at another university, or for students from those universities to spend time at Michigan Tech. Students interested in international exchange programs should contact the International Programs and Services office for more information.

Incoming Student Agreements

These agreements allow for incoming students to transfer from their home institution to Michigan Tech.

Other Agreements

Michigan Tech also partners with a variety of entities to enhance and expand opportunities for graduate education beyond agreements with individual universities.

All Academic Agreements

Industry and Government Partnered Programs

Distance options are available in some programs for students who are employees of cooperating industry, government, and organization partners and who meet admissions requirements. Interested students should contact their supervisor or the Graduate School for more information. Each agreement is site and program specific, particularly with regard to how the student-advisor relationship will be maintained.