Chapter 11: Disposition, Disposals, and Transfers

Scrapped or Disposed

The Director of Purchasing, or designee, upon the recommendation of the supervisor of property and equipment, is authorized to sell as scrap or junk, or discard at a University or any public dumping ground, those items which are obsolete or unusable if such items clearly have insufficient value to warrant an effort to dispose of them on a bid basis. Disposal of all scrapped or junked equipment and materials shall be reported to the Board of Trustees subsequent to its disposal.

No other department has the authority to enter into negotiations to dispose surplus equipment or furnishings.

Departments must notify Financial Services and Operations and obtain authorization before any obsolete or nonfunctional item may be dismantled, junked, or scrapped.


To dispose of equipment, furnishings, and non-hazardous material purchases:

  1. Evaluate the item for potential use, either through repair or use by other units within the department.
  2. If it is determined no departmental use is found, contact your department equipment coordinator.
  3. The equipment coordinator will contact Financial Services and Operations,, to request removal of the item.

Disposal of Equipment with possible Environmental or Health Impacts

Environmental, health, and safety considerations may be pertinent to the disposition of equipment.   For further information on the proper disposition of equipment which may contain possible contamination such as chemical, radiological or biohazardous agents, contact the department of Occupational Safety and Health Services directly, 7-2118.