Chapter 9: Use

Student Groups

University owned property may be released to official student groups, registered with the Office of Student Affairs, for special project use. Capital equipment released to a student group must be reported to Financial Services and Operations prior to physical transfer.

Authorization to release property to a student group is given by the department chair or director, with the following conditions:

  1. The student project must be associated with the University.
  2. The equipment is not inherently hazardous or dangerous.
  3. The equipment is not needed during the period of the requested release.
  4. The intended use will not appreciably diminish the value, condition, or utility of the equipment.
  5. The intended use is not for personal profit, or for a purpose in conflict or competition with University operations or objectives. 
  6. The requesting student group guarantees prompt return of the equipment, and accepts responsibility for the proper care and use of the equipment.
  7. The student group may be responsible for repair or replacement due to damage or loss of the equipment.