Financial Services and Operations

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for accurate and timely payment of all invoices for the University. This includes all payments on purchase orders, blanket purchase orders, check requests, travel advances and travel expense vouchers, petty cash, freight bills, and fellowship payments.

Invoices for purchase order items should be received directly by Accounts Payable. If received by departments, in lieu of sending the documents through campus mail,  the invoices can be sent to Accounts Payable by fax (7-2119),  emailed as a tif/tiff document to, or uploaded. Approved blanket order invoices can be forwarded using any of these methods, also. For additional information see Department Receipt of Vendor Invoice.

Payment Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures are guidelines for processing all expenditure documents through Accounts Payable. These guidelines apply to both purchase-order and non-purchase-order items and pertain to all University employees and departments, regardless of the index to be charged; the responsibility to observe them is that of both the employee and the department dean/director/chair who approves such expenditures.

If you cannot find information that relates to your situation or if you need interpretative assistance, contact the General/Auxiliary Accounting area.

Petty Cash Payments

A department may establish a petty cash fund to purchase minor supplies. A check request and original receipt must be sent to Accounts Payable for replenishment of petty cash funds.

Further information on the establishment, administration, and discontinuance of petty cash funds follows: