Chapter 3: Acquisition and Receiving

Furnished or Loaned

Financial Services and Operations must be notified of the receipt of all loaned or furnished property immediately. Shipping documents and other sponsor required paperwork is forwarded to Financial Services and Operations.  Financial Services and Operations will document the receipt of equipment in detail, process the required reports and forward identification, when applicable, (government-owned and / or Michigan Tech equipment tags) to the department.

Government furnished or loaned property, received without purchase for research or other use, must be reviewed immediately upon arrival. If overages, shortages, or damages are discovered the department provides a statement of the condition and apparent causes to Financial Services and Operations, where the necessary report is filed with the sponsor.

The receiving process requires the proper identification of the new equipment, including specific information be maintained in the asset record. The requirement includes, but is not limited to:

  1. The name, description, and National Stock Number (if furnished by the Government) 
  2. Quantity received (or fabricated), issued, and on hand 
  3. Unit price (and unit of measure), Contract number or equivalent code designation.
  4. Location, Disposition, Posting reference and date of transaction

Equipment with possible Environmental or Health Impacts

Environmental, health, and safety considerations must be considered prior to acceptance of furnished or loaned equipment. Equipment which may contain or use radioactive sources or which produces x-rays must be approved by the department of Environmental Health and Safety, EHS.