Chapter 1: Control and Responsibility

Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators acquiring equipment for sponsored research are held accountable for following University policy, government regulations, and the sponsor's requirements.   

Although principal investigators may assign property control functions to the department property coordinator, other staff, or student employees, the principal investigator is responsible for sponsored property compliance.

This obligation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Internal (and external, when required) screening of existing equipment prior to purchase
  • Identifying specific equipment needs in proposals and budgets
  • Reporting overages, shortages, or damages in shipment of property from a vendor or supplier
  • Monitoring the proper use of equipment in compliance with University, sponsor, and government regulations
  • Promptly reporting the receipt or transfer of sponsor furnished or loaned equipment and forwarding the shipping or other required documents
  • Assuring proper tagging and identification of property
  • Reporting the movement or change of location of capital equipment
  • Reporting intent to fabricate or cannibalize equipment
  • Keeping accurate maintenance and repair records
  • Safeguarding, security, and care of sponsored property
  • Assisting with required reports and audits and physical inventory of project equipment when required
  • Account for minor and sensitive equipment and residual supplies when required
  • Identify, investigate and report incidents of loss, damage and destruction of sponsored funded property
  • Assisting with closeout property requirements of the sponsor
  • Ensuring that all required and necessary safety guards and systems are in place and properly functioning before use