Chapter 1: Control and Responsibility

Equipment Coordinators

Equipment Coordinators are responsible for overseeing property and equipment in their area and providing guidance to staff and faculty on general policy and procedure.

This obligation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conducting physical inventory of equipment
  • Assisting with property and equipment audits and asset reporting
  • Providing required communication on various equipment issues with  Financial Services and Operations
  • Assuring the proper tagging of capital equipment
  • Reporting the intent to dismantle or dispose of property
  • Exercising reasonable care in use to prevent damage and maintain good condition
  • Using reasonable security measures to prevent theft or misuse
  • Reporting lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise impaired property or equipment
  • Notifying when capital (tagged) equipment is moved to a new location or when changes are made to equipment components
  • Using and maintaining property in accordance with University and sponsor requirements and reporting improper use