Chapter 12: Audits and Reports


Financial Services and Operations is responsible for authoring and reporting all official records of property in custody of the University. This includes internal and external financial and research property reporting. Financial Services and Operations will also ensure that property report data is distributed to applicable users throughout campus.

Government reports may include:

  • DD Form 1662 – DoD Property in Custody of Contractors
  • DD Form 1149 – Property Requisition
  • DOE 4300.3 – Semi-Annual Report
  • DOE 4220.49 – Property Certificate
  • DOT 4220.43 DOT Property Report
  • NASA 1018 – Reports of Government Property
  • SF 1428 – Excess Personal Property
  • Grant or Contract Property Certificate of Completion
  • IRS 8282 – Donee Information Return
  • IRS 8283 – Non-Cash Charitable Contributions
  • Government Physical Inventory Detail Reports
  • Federal Loss, Damage, Destruction Reports
  • Federal Indirect Cost Negotiation Reports
  • Federal Equipment Record Detail Reports
  • Quarterly Reporting of Government Material
  • Quarterly Reporting of Property to Which Title is Vested in MTU