Chapter 8: Movement

Financial Services and Operations must receive notification when there is movement of capital equipment or other (tagged) property. This includes a change from the original location as indicated at acquisition, in addition to any other movement on campus or change in location on a permanent basis. A location change shall be considered permanent if an asset will not return to its original location within four weeks of the initial movement. Permanent location changes must be documented with Financial Services and Operations.

A location change shall be considered temporary if an asset is going to return to its original location within four weeks. Many assets change location frequently or on a temporary basis, for example a car or laptop computer. The Financial Services and Operations asset record must note the department employee responsible for the asset status. A supplemental log should be kept by the department when necessary in order to track movable assets.

On-Campus Movement

All capital equipment moved or transferred on campus must be officially documented. The written documentation, originated from the department equipment coordinator, should include:

  1. The name, description, and property tag number of equipment
  2. Original or current location
  3. New location
  4. Effective date
  5. Responsible employee
  6. Reason for transfer

Property that is no longer needed by a department may be offered to other departments. In some cases, a department transfer of property may be in conjunction with a fund transfer (sale). The interaccount bill (IB) or journal voucher (JV) should indicate the tag# of the property transferred.

Assets acquired on a sponsored project may require additional clearances before they can be transferred, contact Financial Services and Operations for prior approval.

Off-Campus Movement

Capital equipment or other property which is scheduled to be moved to an off-campus location, either temporary (repair or modification) or permanent (for delivery to the sponsor or other agency), is to be reported to Financial Services and Operations prior to the physical movement.

Movement of equipment outside of the U.S. may require export or import control documentation:

Financial Services and Operations will approve the request for movement and document the transaction in the financial and equipment records. Capital equipment which is frequently in transit between a campus and an off-campus location is documented as such on the property records.

For property that will be moved off-campus on a long term basis (greater than 6 months), complete the request form below:

Use of Property - Off-Campus Request Form