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Travel Forms

Day Travel

  • Reimbursement for University travel expenses when there is no overnight stay
  • Day travel meal(s) reimbursements are taxable and the applicable FICA, federal, and state taxes will be withheld on a future paycheck.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Form

  • Reimbursement for dependent care above and beyond regular costs that directly result from travel on university business
  • To be completed with Travel Expense Voucher
  • See Dependent Care for additional information

House Hunting Expense Form

International Travel Request

  • Request to travel outside of the United States and/or Canada on University business

Meals and Banquets

  • Entertaining by Michigan Tech employees at University/non-University facilities (not to include alcoholic beverages)
  • Policy (2.03) and Procedures (2.031)

Moving Expense Form

The 2018 tax changes eliminate the moving expense deduction. The policy will be updated to reflect the change when IRS guidance is available.

Request for Cash Advance

  • Request for dollars in advance of actual travel dates to use for paying travel expenses

Travel Expense Vouchers

One Week

  • Reimbursement for University travel expenses—for employees/non-employees
  • For overnight travel extending up to one week

Multiple Weeks

  • Reimbursement for University travel expenses—for employees/non-employees
  • includes second page for travel lasting longer than one week (up to four weeks)


  • Use first worksheet for travel one week or less
  • Second worksheet for additional weeks (up to four weeks)